Friday, November 28, 2014

100,000 PAGE VIEWS

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  1. Jim, congratulations on achieving this milestone! While you may not have a porn site (thankfully!), genealogy as an online entity is not far behind with its many enthusiasts. Your stories always intrigue, and you deserve many more page views than that! Looking forward to another year of your entries.

  2. Your dedication to documenting the contributions of those who have passed away is commendable. You have the ability to make history delightful to read and enjoyable! My very best to you and your website!

  3. Congratulations to my fellow find-a-grave member Jim Craig on your six-figure blog hits. I do have a possible grave site for you to explore and write about if you choose to do so. Here is the link to that grave on find-a-grave:

    Baby Boy (Ronald) Jarrett
    interred at Holy Sepulchre Catholic Cemetery
    The grave marker has an interesting epitaph.
    Medical History Baby, "His Death Saved The Lives Of Many"
    DIED November 12, 1942 (1 hour old at death)

    I created the find-a-grave memorial page for JARRETT and I also took the photos that have been posted on this find-a-grave page. I give you full permission to use the photos and memorial page for any article you may do on this baby.

    William F. Kazupski

    My Blog: