Friday, April 17, 2015


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  1. Had just written you along comment. Anonymous option was not available. Selected Google account. Now it appears I need to retype the comment. If it ends up appearing twice, sorry. The story you published about was incredible and very disappointing to hear. I have read your blog for nearly two years. Have read every post and look forward to each new one. You do an extraordinary job of researching it and writing it up. Thank you for doing this. I hope you will continue for many years to come. If there is anyway I can help you, I would like to. Anna in IL

  2. Hillary has been taking some flak of late, because her knowledge of family history is a bit spotty. Generally you only know what your parents tell you growing up. Genealogy is a fascinating hobby, and I've managed to bust a few family myths over the years. I've been getting by lately using another LDS site, with the occasional purchase of vital records from, when critical details are needed. I was wondering how you were able to add vital record scans to your always interesting posts, when they cost me $17.50 a pop. I take it you're able to access this information with membership? I can see the value of subscribing to access this content. The problem I have with is, member added content will show in google searches, but clicking on it shows a pop-up inviting you to join if you wish to access it, and no way to contact the member directly.

    1. Many early Chicago vital records can be found at the Wilmette Illinois Family History Center and printed for no charge. Check out their website for more information!

    2. Thank you for that-I didn't know about the Wilmette FHC.

  3. Those ads appear everywhere for me (or so it seems). I have learned to ignore them, but I can see how they look like false advertising. I don't have any legal experience to know how to pursue that avenue other than publicizing to others that they should remember these are advertisements looking to draw in new subscribers (and their $$). I like ancestry and do subscribe (to the US version), but am very wary of promises in ads...

    Thanks for sharing and keep up your good blogging.

  4. I don't believe Ancestry is directly owned by the LDS Church but there are certainly a lot of LDS church members working there.

    Like you, my husband and I have been Ancestry subscribers for a long time. It costs money to digitize records, preserve them, and make them available online and we like being able to support that. We've learned a lot from documents that are available there.

    It's too bad your concerns weren't met with a more positive response but I admire your ability to step back and not let that frustration keep you away from resources that you need or take you away from your long-time Find A Grave project. I applaud you for that.

    You did get your money back from the upgrade, though, right? : )