Friday, August 10, 2012


On yet another Find a Grave photo expedition to Jewish Waldheim Cemetery I found myself in Section 111 (Lomzer) looking at a photo on a gravestone of a serious looking young man dressed in a cap and gown.

 As I looked further down the stone I saw the following verse:

A sword with the keenest edge
Could not cut the stream of water
In twain, so that it should cease to flow.
My love is like the stream that flows and
Follows you forever more.
Ever, Dolly

The stone marked the final resting place of:

Beloved Husband and Father

So I decided to check the internet and see what we could learn about Morey B. Lasky and his beloved Dolly.

Morris B. Lasky was born in 1909 to Abe Lasky, a baker and his wife Tillie (nee Pitale).  Morey was the oldest of four children:  Rae, born in 1911, Jack, born in 1912 and Sylvia, born in 1914.  The Lasky family owned their home at  3433 W. Twelfth Place, in the heart of the old Jewish neighborhood in Chicago. The home that the Laskys owned at 3433 W. Twelfth Place is gone, and has been replaced with a three story townhome built in 2000.

Abe and Tillie told the census taker that they both came to the U.S. from Poland in 1917 but all their children were born in Illinois.  Their primary language was "Yiddish" but they both spoke English as well.  It is unlikely that the children were born in Illinois because I can find no record of any of their births.  I know from my own family history that people often lied to the census taker either intentionally or unintentionally.

Morris B. Lasky married Sarah (Dolly) Peterman in Chicago on March 16, 1933.  Their daughter Gloria was born in 1936.

1937 brought sad news, however.  On March 13 of that year, Morey underwent an operation and received a poor prognosis - the surgeons had found cancer.  He recovered from the surgery and returned to the office, continuing on the job until November of 1938.  By that time the cancer had spread and he was unable to keep working.  He declined steadily until January 26, 1939 when pneumonia set in.  By then it was just a matter of time until Morey B. Lasky died at home at 3:15 AM on February 2, 1939.

The Chicago Daily Tribune of February 3, 1939 carried the sad obituary:

Morey B. Lasky.
Morey B. Lasky, 30 years old, of 5048 Glenwood avenue, died yesterday after a long illness.  He was a member of  the law firm of Alster & Lasky, with offices at 100 West Monroe street.  Surviving are his widow, Sara, and a daughter, Gloria, 2 years old.  Services will be held at 2 p.m. today in  the chapel at 3600 Roosevelt road.

5048 N. Glenwood, Chicago
He was 30 years, four months and four days old.

We will let his beloved Dolly have the last word:

My love is like the stream that flows and
Follows you forever more.

May he rest in peace.